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15 January 2012 / 579 words / 115 seconds to read

Bitcasa: First Impressions & Sneak Peek

Bitcasa is the new, and upcoming infinite cloud based desktop storage service currently in beta testing as it nears public release in the next few months.

My Thoughts

I’ve received a chance to try out the service, which I ran into a few hiccups, but overall I was still very impressed with what Bitcasa has to offer. I can compare Bitcasa as Dropbox, and Apple’s iDisk had a baby, and made Bitcasa. Its as close as I can describe the level of awesome this service is going to being to the mass market as it nears official launch date.

I first heard of Bitcasa during TechCrunch Disrupt 2011 at Beijing China, and it sounded like a dream, but in fact it was very real and launching to the public soon. This startup was founded by employees of MasterCard, VeriSign, and Mozy. Bitcasa is said to have a subscription of $10 USD as month, which is a no- brainer to jump on compared to other services that offer only 50 GB of storage versus Bitcasa’s offer of infinite. (or in other words, never end space)

I recently offered giveaways to Bitcasa for 3 lucky people to try it out as well, and see what others think of Bitcasa.

I took several screenshots of Bitcasa for the Mac, which you can find below and played around with it for a little while. You can find the screenshots below, and my notes.

This is the welcome screen for Bitcasa, which you can either login if you have a username and password already or signup for an account.

The signup process was about 2 minutes for me, it straight forward with no random question, and than you should be on your way once you sign up.

Bitcasa welcome image

Simply type in your name. preferred email address, password, and a desired name for your computer that you are currently using running Bitcasa. You can install Bitcasa on multiple computers, and login in into your account.

Bitcasa Registration Screen

When you complete your basic account information, you will be prompted to fill in 2 secret security questions with their corresponding answers.

Bitcasa Registration Screen – Security QuestionsAfter successfully signing to Bitcasa you will be greeted with tutorial videos, sharing options, and simple steps to help you get up and running in no time.

Bitcasa – Getting Started Screen

Once everything is setup you Mac/PC you can simply start adding folders, external hard drives, and internet hard drives (if you have multiple internal hard drives install) to the cloud base service.

Ending notes

This is a brief overview of Bitcasa on the Mac (running Mac OS X Lion), and what it can do to get your folders, and hard drives (or SSD) on the cloudand available on all your computers. Once any of the folders updates on one computer they will be updated across all your computers easy without doing anything at all, but watch the magic happen.

The only downside that might depend on your internet connection speed is the uploading time takes sometime depending on the folder size. For example, 300 GB took me roughly 15 hours to upload to Bitcasa, which was on a very fast connection, but on a regular connection of 10 mb/s (upload speed) it tool 1 hours to upload 4 GB to Bitcasa servers.

I took a little screenshot of the size of the servers disk space, and boy can i say you may never use all that space up, but wow its there for use (of course with shared with others securely).