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21 January 2012 / 222 words / 44 seconds to read

Helveticons: Icon set based on Helvetica Typeface

Premium Glyphs Icons based Helvetica

Helvetica is one of the greatest swiss typefaces ever created, and one of the most popular typeface in the world, which is not a surprise since the typefaces was crafted to perfection. I’m a huge fan of the Helvetica typeface, and design work containing Helvetica from as seen in popular package designs, branding (popular logos like Sears, Target, 3M etc.), and posters, but what’s really cool is a complete icon set based on this timeless typefaces called Helveticons that you should check out.

About Helveticons

Helveticons is based on the Helvetica bold typeface, which was the inspiration behind the royalty free vector based icons, glyphs, and symbols found inthe Helveticons package.

The folks behind the Helveticons (Helvetica + Icon design had a baby to produce these lovely icons) hand crafted these icons to perfect, and contain just want any icon you would possibly need for user interface design, wireframes, web application, custom buttons, promotional material and presentations.

I’ve personally purchased the complete collection of the Helveticons, which is by far the best set of Icons, symbols, and glyphs I’ve ever had. I use them in multiple different projects, and I thought it be nice to share these Helvetica based icons of perfection.



I hope you find these useful, and check them out by clicking here.