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24 January 2012 / 140 words / 28 seconds to read

ImageOptim: Compress Images on Your Mac

Compress Image on Your Mac

ImageOptim is a handy Mac app that allows you to compres any image file type easily by simply dragging, and dropping into the app. ImageOptim compresses image size and optimizes images so they can load faster by removing the hidden unnecessary comments, color profiles, which helps reduce the size of the image in any accepted common formats of PNG, JPEG and GIF animations.

ImageOptim is an excellent lightweight Mac app for publishing images on the web even when exported as “save for web” in Photoshop and useful for reducing the size of Mac and iPhone applications smaller.Here is a screenshot of this application.


ImageOptim Mac App

I hope you find this app useful for you Mac, and I will soon post a nice free alternative for Windows, and you can download this app by clicking here.