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19 January 2012 / 431 words / 86 seconds to read

OpenBrand: Brand Management Platform

About OpenBrand

OpenBrand is a new upcoming platform that is designed to help brand management easier, and all from one place to help your brand explained. OpenBrand works for companies starting out or large companies handing brand management, but overall no matter how bit your brand is OpenBrand is the solution for your company.

OpenBrands core is a smart store that essentially allows your to hand designed material like identity, promotional material, typography, company colors, logo versions, and facilitates co-creation of all these materials to be managed from one main place on OpenBrand. OpenBrand also provides the tools for print services for corporate printed material, product packaging, merchandising items, multimedia presentation, and any other physical or digital branded items, advertising, and marking activity from one place to make brand management to remove the headaches of managing your brand.OpenBrand is in the Czech Republic, and was designed by user interface designer Martin Karásek, which I saw the first version of the site on Dribbble when Martin provided a screenshot of the upcoming service.




[Above] Image of the logo type management page, and [Below] is the image ofthe technical details of the identity.

[Below] Brand Identity overview page so you can view all the versions of your companies identities.


There were a few screenshots of OpenBrand, you can read some other core features below.

Core Features

Openbrand is jam-packed with useful features to help managing your brand, and getting printed material issued all from one beautiful, easy to use, and simple web interface. I’ve detailed some of the core features of OpenBrand below:

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Manage your brand from one place
  • Handle Branding Material (i.e business cards, letter heads,advertising, newsletters, annual report etc.)Branding Tips & Guides: Helps is there when you need it
  • Invoice Management: helps you get paid and pay others for the work done.
  • To-Do list: helps get things done related to your business
  • Sharing & Collaborating: Collaborating with other creative members on your team is essential to get things done on time, receive feedback, get advice, and meet your goals.
  • No Limits: You are free to expand your organization as much as possible with no limits on file size, or the amount of registered users.

Final Thoughts

OpenBrand has done a nice job of organizing the essential tools needed to manage a brand from start to finish, which includes, but not limited to brand identity, purchase promotional material, and gathering of the team all in one place.

You can read more details on OpenBrand by visiting their website, and feel free to try them out.