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24 January 2012 / 379 words / 75 seconds to read

Sparkbox: Organize Your Design Inspiration

Design inspiration is key to gaining helpful insight to what is being done as a designer, web design, and any other design related field. Design inspiration places a big role essentially during the start of any new design projects to see what’s being done, what’s been done, and an essential starting point. Design inspiration has now been organized into great communities like Behance, Forrst, and Dribbble filled with talent designers from all over the world, which helps keep your creative juices flowing when you see new inspiration work. They’re many online references, and essential design communities for designers that have great work for inspiration, but the problem is how do you keep it all organized when you do find bits of inspiration? –that’s when Sparkbox for Mac comes in play.

About Sparkbox

Sparkbox is a great new Mac app that allows you to manage images for your design projects, design inspiration, concept designs, photographs, and other pictures easily in a user-friendly interface. Organizing design inspiration and image collections have not been more easily than it is now using Sparkbox for the Mac, which makes adding images easily by simply importing a desired folder containing the images. Sparkbox even keeps the folder hierarchy you’ve created within those desired folders, so it remains organized, and can easily search for a specific design inspiration image easily. Sparkbox also allows you to search

Core Features

  • Fully Drag & Drop option
  • Menu Bar (close the app, and use the menu bar to drag and drop images)
  • Easily Import Screenshots
  • Built-in web image snap feature
  • Built-in Preview Window
  • Built-in Color Search Engine (Search for specific colors found in
  • images quickly and easily)
  • Meta-data Tag System (Create tags for your images for more in-depth
  • organization, and easily search based on those specific tags)
  • Add Annotations to Images
  • Ability to Comment on Images
  • Sharing abilities
  • Mac OS X Lion Compatibility: Multi-touch, Touchscreen, & Gestures

Update: Sparkbox now has an iPhone app and extension/add-on for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox to allow you easy grab images of inspiration from your favorite inspiration websites like Dribbble, Designspiration, Behance etc. I’ve used Sparkbox a few times, but now I plan on making it my main source to gather the thousands of images I have of inspiration for everything creative. I highly recommend checking it out and I believe you might like Sparkbox as much as I do.


Sparkbox Mac App

Sparkbox Mac App

Sparkbox Mac App

Sparkbox Mac App

Sparkbox Mac App