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05 February 2012 / 341 words / 68 seconds to read

PNG Compressor: Compress PNG Images on Your Mac

PNG Compressor

PNG Compression is one of the first steps you can do to optimize your images, but wouldn’t it be freaking awesome to optimize and compress PNG images on your Mac? –Well the moment has arrived and/or arrived again for those who used other PNG compression apps.

PNG images offer true alpha transparency, and adding to the coolness is being able to optimize PNG images, and compress the size for usage in your projects. Our little buddy IE6 (Internet Explorer 6), which is sometimes commonly called the “Web Designers browser nightmare of horror” with its multitude of issues and incompatibility issues that are so large we probably won’t have a database big enough in the world to store the list of issues with IE6; okay, I guess I was a bit harsh on that last remark, but overall its pretty scene especially viewing a website using IE6.

Oh wait, I almost forgot to mention PNG alpha transparency isn’t supported by IE6 as most probably already know, which we can also add to that multitude of incompatibility issues list.

Benefits of PNG Compress

  • Optimize PNG images for faster loading times on websites
  • Save Bandwidth
  • Reduce file size, and overall reduces hosting storage costs
  • Compress Bitmaps in your iPhone or Mac app Bundle
  • Replaces console tools like PNGCrush with a user-friendly user interface on your Mac

About PNG Compressor (Mac App)

PNG Compressor is a Mac app designed with a user-friendly drag-and-drop function from anywhere on your Mac to the app for designers, and developers. PNG compressor is a lightweight Mac app wrapped around the OptiPNG (short for Optimize PNG) by Cosmin Truta.

PNG Compressor for the Mac is Lossless PNG compression wrapped into sexy user interface, and man is it awesome!


PNG Compressor Mac App

You can check out more information about PNG compressor for the Mac by viewing it on the Mac App Store, visiting the developer’s website, and all for the low-cost of $1 USD it’s a no brainer to buy to make it convenient to compress PNG images on your Mac.