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19 February 2012 / 393 words / 78 seconds to read

Reinvigorate: Beautiful Real-Time Web Analytics

Web Analytics is an essential piece to creating a wonderful user experience, understanding your visitors, and overall tracking the smallest details of your websites performance to help improve in those weak areas needed.

The most popular website analytics tracking services if provided by one of the most trafficked websites on the internet, giant search engines, and king of search, which the hat goes to Google. Google Analytics is used by many including new blogs up to the fortune 500 giants of the internet, but I’ve been recently asked if there is an alternative to Google web Analytics, and the answer is yes. There are many web analytics services, but one that has caught my eye is Reinvigorate, which can be simple described as amazing.

About Reinvigorate Web Analytics

Reinvigorate is a user friendly real-time web analytics tracking services that cuts all the clutter you may find in other analytics applications and jam-packed with the features you need to gain the advantage in today’s real-time web.Reinvigorate always you to use heat map analytics, provide real-time analytics as things are happening on your site, stream active-user analytics information directly on your desktop, and get useful notifications of page views, purchases, user registrations, blog comments, and much more.

Reinvigorate is both beauty, and simple to install as you would normally with any other analytics service so it will not make your website slower.


Reinvigorate Web Analytics




  • Real-time, Active Tracking
  • The Hottest Heatmaps
  • Desktop Delivery with Snoop
  • Know Your Visitors with Nametags Granular Graphing
  • Monthly, Daily or Hourly? Yes. Detailed Visitor Reporting Referral Tracking
  • Regions and Time zones Page-Level Details
  • Globally Distributed Tracking Easy Implementation
  • Secured Data
  • & Much more cool features

Final Thoughts

Reinvigorate is a very promising service, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an alternative to what they’re using to track website data, but overall for a low price of $10 is a no brainer to give it a try. There is now a 14 day trial to try it out, and if you don’t like it you can simple cancel the trial before the 14 days, but overall hope you like what Reinvigorate has to offer.

I know some may have more questions I didn’t answer here, but you can always take a quick look at their frequently asked questions page, and the full detailed list of features by clicking here.