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May 08, 2013

Adobe Fireworks RIP 1998 - 2013

I’m in shocked as most of you are if you follow Adobe news on Twitter or if you’re following their live feeds at this years Adobe MAX conference about the news Adobe released about discontinuing Adobe Fireworks CS6 and future development of the product.

Adobe Fireworks has been around since 1998 when Adobe acquired it from Macromedia in 2005. Fireworks has become one of the essentials tools for web designers to create interactive prototypes and design websites. Adobe releasing this information makes 2 things really clear.

1) There is a clear trend and need for tools that can help develop not only for the web on desktop but multiple screen sizes ranging from smartphones, tablets and maybe even televisions as those devices web browsing usage continues to climb.

2) Adobe has punched in the usage numbers and sees the usage numbers were not up to par to the hours spent in development of Fireworks and this move is just a strategic business decision.

The Future of Adobe Fireworks I’m sure they’re a few other reasons, but the main question on everyone’s mind and especially those who depend a significant amount of time using Fireworks for their day-to-day workflows is what is the future for Adobe Fireworks or similar tools?

Adobe will continue improving Fireworks with security and bug fixes, but has made it clear it no new features will be introduced. Adobe will be developing a new tool to add to their Creative Cloud offering, which has officially become the main business model at Adobe moving towards.

I’ve used Fireworks quite a bit during my career and when I was in school on multiple projects on different scales, and one thing that always bothered me sometimes was the user experience hiccups here and there that occurred using Fireworks. I think if Adobe focuses on improve that experiencing and match it near the level of Photoshop and Illustrator would be ideal. I will only suggest that little improvement for the future development Adobe is cooking up and part from that everything else was near or close to perfect in terms of features you would need in Fireworks or anything similar.

Adobe might make even Adobe Fireworks open source, but hey –we can only dream! :)

It be interesting to see if any competitors will attempt to make Fireworks clones or will they take a step back to see what Adobe releases for their next product to replace this one. But until then we can only cross out fingers and wait. Adobe Fireworks has huge user base so the wait shouldn’t be too long :)

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