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Designing Devices by Dan Saffer
Jun 05, 2012 • Dan Saffer

Designing Devices

Highlights: “useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Thus said the godfather of the Arts & Crafts movement, William Morris. Anyone who has ever spent time (hours, days, weeks, months) creating and (more importantly, refining) a graphic or physical form knows how difficult it can be. It takes practice and training, experience, and taste. A poor font, a button slightly off, the wrong material choice, a garish shade of color can ruin a perfectly fine design. Too many products are made as though aesthetic design decisions are items to be ordered off a Chinese menu…”

“As Don Norman rightly pointed out, attractive things work better. “We now have evidence that pleasing things work better, are easier to learn, and produce a more harmonious result,” he writes. Creating beautiful things, especially for products with seemingly…”

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