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Fear of Music by Jonathan Lethem
Apr 24, 2013 • Jonathan Lethem

Fear of Music

Highlights: “The stumbling block will turn out to be the traditional one for students of consciousness: the flashlight is incapable of shining on itself, so we can’t trust what its light reveals.”

“…Paranoid art, unlike paranoid persons, also distrusts itself. And so, paranoid art is the ultimate opposite, the urgent opposite, of complacent art.”

“Paranoia has its downsides as an agency in daily life, or in the political sphere of collective action, which finds itself beset everywhere by the nightmarish influence of conspiracy thinking (they call ittheory, but theories exist to be tested, and conspiracy thinking exists never to be tested, and globally ignores the results of tests imposed by others). The suspicion that malign operators are responsible for every one of the injustices and heartbreaks of existence is aconsolingview, a balm to bleak glimpses of the void behind our reality. It’s brave to pursue truth, and brave to pursue and expose tricky and well-hidden bad guys (Nazi doctors, Pentagon intelligence-distorters, etc.). It’s not brave to think tricky, well-hidden bad guys are the whole truth of what’s out there. It might even be bravery’s opposite. Or maybe it should go under the name “religion.”

Finished reading: April 2013

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